Hours of Operation

The Cen­ter is located in a res­i­den­tial area; there­fore, all func­tions must end no later than 11:00 p.m. The Cen­ter must be cleaned and vacated by 12:00 mid­night. Every effort is made to ensure that The Cen­ter is avail­able as needed by the Renter. Prior arrange­ment must be made with the host­ess to enter The Cen­ter. In gen­eral, The Cen­ter is avail­able from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 mid­night. The Renter or its rep­re­sen­ta­tive must be present until the last guest has departed and clean-up is com­plete. The Renter should pro­vide the name of the indi­vid­ual who will be the rep­re­sen­ta­tive for end of event cleanup.

Items Avail­able for Use

The rent of the Quincy Gar­den Cen­ter includes the fol­low­ing addi­tional items:

  • 8 round tables (4’) – Need a 108” cloth to reach the floor
  • 2 rec­tan­gu­lar tables — 6’
  • 26 fold­ing chairs that may be used inside the building
  • Kitchen equip­ment:
    • 4 stoves (2 elec­tric and 2 gas)
    • 2 refrig­er­a­tors
    • Ice maker (It is rec­om­mended that the Renter ice down drinks the day before the event, if there are no other events at The Cen­ter. This will allow the ice machine to refill before the event.)


In gen­eral, The Cen­ter is very sim­ple to dec­o­rate. The Quincy Gar­den Club pro­vides an arrange­ment on the “Hunt Board” in the main hall. The Renter may want to place an arrange­ment on the din­ing room table. Renters may bring in other dec­o­ra­tions to per­son­al­ize The Cen­ter for their function.

  • Fur­ni­ture, acces­sories, plants, etc. in The Cen­ter must not be moved or changed in any way with­out prior per­mis­sion of the host­ess. Every­thing moved must be put back in place before you leave. The Cen­ter must not be marred in any way. Nails, thumb­tacks, tape, etc. may not be used on the walls, doors or any other part of the Cen­ter includ­ing out­build­ings and/or struc­tures. Remov­able putty has been used suc­cess­fully by some of our past renters.
  • Can­dles in hur­ri­cane lamps, votives in hold­ers or oth­er­wise enclosed in glass are per­mit­ted, with dis­cre­tion. Candles/open flames are NOT per­mit­ted.
  • Fresh flower petals, fresh green­ery leaves, or sparklers may be used out­side to shower the “bride and groom” as they leave. Items must be biodegrad­able and safe for wildlife and the envi­ron­ment. Guests may not throw rice, bird seed or silk flower petals. All con­tain­ers must be picked up at the end of the event.
  • Alco­hol may be served (but not sold) within the house or on the grounds. Renters assume all respon­si­bil­ity and lia­bil­ity for the safe and legal con­sump­tion of alco­hol. Only those guests of legal age may be served alco­holic bev­er­ages. It is rec­om­mended that bars be set up on the porch or the patio to ensure that water will not dam­age the rugs or floors. Any kegs or cool­ers of ice must be set up either out­side or on the porch.

The Per­gola

Most brides choose to be mar­ried on the per­gola in the back­yard. The per­gola mea­sures 15’ 3” by 20’. The columns are about 9’ high. Nails, thumb­tacks, tape, etc. may not be used on the per­gola. Remov­able putty has been used suc­cess­fully by some of our past renters.

Ideas for decorating:

  • Wrap vines, ivy, toile, or strings of lights around the columns
  • Drape fab­ric in a swag from the top of the pergola
  • Add plants or flow­ers using plant stands or columns
  • Leave it blank

Chair and Patio Arrangements:  See the printable Planning An Event

Things to Keep in Mind


Parking is avail­able in the City lot on the north east side of The Cen­ter. The lot will hold about 40 cars. Park­ing is also avail­able along the street. Bell and Bates Hard­ware will allow guests to use their park­ing lot if the event is after store hours.

Clean Up:

Renters are required to com­plete clean-up by 12:00 mid­night unless prior arrange­ments have been made with the host­ess. The Cen­ter will pro­vide one trash bag for each can. Any addi­tional trash bags needed are the respon­si­ble of the Renter. The trash cans need 55-gallon lin­ers. It is rec­om­mended that Renters use con­trac­tor strength bags. Clean-up includes:

  • Return all out­door fur­ni­ture to the orig­i­nal location
  • Wipe off all tables and return to the closet in the back parlor
  • Take all garbage to the dump­ster located in the park­ing lot
  • Remove all items used for decorating
  • Remove all food items

Renters are not required to:

  • Mop the floors
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Dust or vac­uum the house


The Cen­ter does not pro­vide table linens unless the renter is a mem­ber of the Quincy Gar­den Club. The round tables will need a 108” cloth. The rec­tan­gu­lar tables require a 90” by 144” cloth (6’ table). Gar­den Club mem­bers are required to wash and iron all linens used.


There are sev­eral rental com­pa­nies famil­iar with rental involv­ing The Center.


If you plan to place a tent over the patio, be sure to let the rental com­pany know that the tent will be placed on con­crete so they can bring the cor­rect poles.

All rental sup­plies must be neatly stacked on the back porch or in the first or sec­ond build­ing. Dishes must be rinsed free of food, returned to the crates, and stacked on the back porch. Tables and chairs from Bell and Bates should be restacked on the pal­lets and left in the dri­ve­way. All tables should be placed inside the first or sec­ond building.


The back­yard has two secu­rity lights, flood lights, one porch light on the side of the Stu­dio, and lights pointed up at the trees. For late night events, the Renter may need to pro­vide addi­tional light­ing. It is rec­om­mended that the Renter look at The Cen­ter in the evening to ver­ify the amount of light they will need.

Food Dis­plays

Food may be served either buffet-style, served by the caterer for a plated meal, or the pass­ing of hors d’oeuvres. Food ser­vice sta­tions may be set up in sev­eral areas of The Cen­ter. Please con­tact to host­ess to dis­cuss the options.

Seated Meals/Table Set-up

Tables may be set up through-out the Cen­ter or on the porch as follows:

  • Din­ing room (seats 18): 12 seated at the din­ing room table; one 4’ round in the south­west corner
  • Front Par­lor (South­west cor­ner room-with the bay win­dow) (seats 18): three round tables
  • Library (South­east front room) (seats 18): three round tables
  • Back Par­lor (North east room) (seats 18): three round tables

The fol­low­ing tables located in var­i­ous areas of The Cen­ter are also avail­able for use by the Renter:

  • 1 – Drop Leaf table located in the din­ing room (seats 8 )
  • There are 26 stack­able chairs stored in the closet under the stairs that may be used for through­out the house. It is the client or caterer’s duty to set up the table and chairs. The tables and chairs must be returned to the closet at the end of the event.
  • The “Hunt Board” located in the hall may be used to serve appe­tiz­ers or bev­er­ages. The Renter must ensure that water will not mar the top.