Quincy Garden Center Rental Rules and Regulations

PDF: CaterersGuidelines

The Quincy Garden Center and grounds (hereafter referred to as “The Center”) will be available to rent to individuals and community groups by reservation only. For information regarding the kitchen space and equipment, contact the hostess by calling (850) 627-2437. The hostess will be available during the event to ensure that reasonable care is exercised, provide support if needed, and to secure the building when the event ends. In order to ensure access to The Center, the renter should work with the hostess to determined in advance the caterers time of arrival.

  1.  Kitchens are available to warm and serve food; however, the kitchens are not to be used for cooking of any kind. Please double check the ovens in the kitchen and make sure they are off at the end of the event.
  2. The Center does not furnish trash bags, tablecloths, napkins, china, crystal, utensils, etc. unless the renter is a member of the Quincy Garden Club.
  3. The caterer is required to clean the kitchen and preparation areas (this includes cleaning all sinks, counters, refrigerators, and floors). It is not necessary to mop the kitchen, butler’s pantry, or porch if the renter has paid the clean-up fee; however, these spaces should be swept up.
  4. All trash must be bagged and taken to the dumpster located in the city parking lot.
  5. The water heaters must be set to the “vacation” setting at the end of the event.
  6. Rental of the house is designated to the downstairs only. The only exception is the “Bride’s Room” (at the top of the stairs to the left), which is available as a dressing room before and after the event. Using the other rooms upstairs is prohibited and may result in forfeiture of security deposit.
  7. Furniture, accessories, plants, etc. in The Center must not be moved or changed in any way without prior permission of the Hostess. Everything moved must be put back in place before you leave. All outdoor furniture must be returned to its original place on the cement patio after the event.
  8. Alcohol may be served (but not sold) within the house or on the grounds. Renters assume all responsibility and liability for the safe and legal consumption of alcohol. Only those guests of legal age may be served alcoholic beverages. Any kegs or coolers of ice must be set up either outside or on the porch.
  9. The Center is located in a residential area; therefore, all functions must end no later than 11:00 p.m. The Center must be cleaned and vacated by 12:00 midnight. Failure to follow this schedule may cause the forfeiture of the security deposit.
  10. The renter is responsible for any loss, damage, breakage, or abuse as assessed by the hostess. This includes any damages caused by the caterer.
  11. Smoke machines are not permitted inside (they set off the smoke detectors and the fire department has to come check everything out).
  12. If the caterer is frying or grilling outside, please discuss placement of equipment with the hostess prior to set-up. Oil and/or grease may not be disposed of anywhere on the grounds. It is the responsibility of the caterer or the renter to remove oil/grease.
  13. Food may not be left in the refrigerator unless prior arrangements have been made with the hostess.
  14. Rental equipment must be stacked neatly on the back porch or in either the first or second out building. If items are left out in the weather, the renter is responsible for any damage.
  15. All fire exits must be kept clear in accordance with statutes, ordinances and the regulations and requirements of any governmental authority.
  16. Open flames are not permitted inside The Center for lighting/decorative purposes. The following items are prohibited: votives, candelabras, or lanterns or propane burners.
  17. Chafing dish flames may be permitted on a case-by-case basis.
  18. Carpets and floors must be protected from water and spillage in bar and serving areas by exercising care and using appropriate coverings.