Garden Club ByLaws


SECTION I – The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and the Board of Directors and shall be ex-officio member of all committees, except nominating committee. She shall call special meetings, fill vacancies occurring in office, and appoint special and standing committees.

SECTION II – The Vice-President will serve a 2-year term prior to serving as President.  She will assume the duties of President in the absence of the President or if the President is unable to complete her term.  She will assemble the yearbook with the help of the President and the House Manager.

SECTION III – The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Club and the Board of Directors and record names of all members and of all new members when they join and shall have charge of the books and papers of the Club.

SECTION IV – The Treasurer shall collect, hold and pay out funds of the Club as directed by the Board of Directors and shall keep accurate books of accounts which shall at all times be open to inspection by the Board of Directors.  She shall give a financial report at each meeting and work with the House

Manager in maintaining a current list of upcoming events at the Quincy Garden Center.

SECTION V – The Board of Directors shall perform the duties assigned it in the Constitution and By-Laws and shall function in advisory capacity to the President in the performance of her duties.

SECTION VI – A nomination committee shall be appointed by the President in January to present names of suitable officers.  At the time designated for election of Officers, after nominations from the floor, if any, election shall proceed by ballot.  The slate of officers shall be voted on by each Circle at their April meeting and officers will be installed at the May Board of Directors meeting.


The right to vote and hold office shall be limited to active members only.


SECTION I – The standing committees shall be: Publicity, Court House Beautification, Garden Center House, Garden Center Grounds, Jr. Gardening, Therapy, Historian, Historic Preservation, Conservation and Environmental Awareness, Christmas Open House.

SECTION II – The Publicity chairman shall furnish the media all information in regard to the Garden Club which will promote the interest and purposes of the Club.

SECTION III – The Courthouse Civic Beautification committee shall work with the city and county Administrators and Main Street.  They plant the Courthouse grounds and help circles with urns on the square.

SECTION IV – The Garden Center House committee is responsible for and accepts appropriate furniture given as a gift or on loan to the Center.  They also will be responsible for repairs and interior designing of the house.

SECTION V – The Garden Center Grounds committee shall implement the landscaping, care, and upkeep of the grounds. This committee shall be consulted on all plantings and renovations. The landscape plan designed by Tallahassee Nurseries shall take precedence and be adhered to, in order to keep the grounds of the Quincy Garden Center in a tidy manner.

SECTION VI – Junior Gardening chairman will be responsible for observing Arbor Day and planting flowerbeds at the schools and the planters at the Gadsden Art Center.

SECTION VII – The Therapy committee (circle chairpersons) will share the spirit of gardening to the aged and incarcerated.

SECTION VIII – The Historian is responsible for recording all major events, achievements, awards, news items, and pictures.

SECTION IX – The Historic Preservation committee should help our Garden Club be informed of Historical developments, projects, activities, and foster appreciation for our Garden Center.

SECTION X – Conservation and Environmental Awareness (Litter, “Going Green”, Birds and Butterflies) will encourage in every way the conservation of water, wild plant life, birds and butterflies, and litter control.

SECTION XI – Christmas Open House committee will be responsible for the design and implementation of the Christmas decoration for the Garden Center for the month of December. Decorating should take place on the last Sunday of November and clean up on the last Sunday of December.

SECTION XII – These By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of those present.


Each Circle shall determine circle membership.  New Circles may be organized as needed.  The Circle Chairman should ask members who do not pay dues within a reasonable length of time, if they intend to remain in the Club.  If they do, their dues should be submitted immediately or they will be dropped from membership.  It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to furnish annually from its group, a member who shall organize and sponsor, for a period of not less than a year, a new Circle when needed.


SECTION I  – These By-laws become effective immediately, following their adoption.  They have been updated and adopted for our use.